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Hey, the name's Kelsey. As you can see I am in love with Batman and I am extremely into anime, manga, movies, cake, Ryan Reynolds, comics, and poetry. I'm definately a dork but that's what makes me awesome. :p

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"Is it okay if I cash in on your promise to ‘Hiyono Yuizaki’ to grant me one wish? Is it okay if I use it?"

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Huey & Monica

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Batman #570 | No Man's Land

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“Because you can’t be this afraid of losing everything
if you don’t love everything first
because you have to have a soul-crushing hope
that things will get better
to be this afraid of missing it.”

Catalina Ferro, from “Anxiety Group” (via pigmenting)

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“i’m not writing this to step into the ring with anybody except myself, and even then, i’m going down in the second round”

buddy wakefield, “cannonball man” (via pulitzerprizefight)

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