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Hey, the name's Kelsey. As you can see I am in love with Batman and I am extremely into anime, manga, movies, cake, Ryan Reynolds, comics, and poetry. I'm definately a dork but that's what makes me awesome. :p

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reblogging for that last picture because i couldn’t’ stop laughing

Just because of the last picture.

Am I the only one who looks at the bottom picture and can just imagine Loki going “Really this is all you brought, for Odin’s sake am I the only one with class. I suppose this will do”. 

^ Exactly why I chose that last picture LOL

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Anonymous Asked:
Is there a current song on the radio that you dislike?

My answer:

Yes!!! There are quite a few actually that’s why I have my iPod playing in my car. I get tired of listening to the same 6 songs on loop lol.


by K


by K

Holy crap it is so hard to go back to playing that after playing Pokemon X these past few months. I demand they remake all the games right now haha.


Catwoman 53 by Adam Hughes


Catwoman 53 by Adam Hughes

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